Meet Our Founder 

Since the age of 16, Kenisha C. Dennis has taken a significant interest in the betterment and progression of Black girls by initiating conversations throughout her school, home, and church community.  In High school, Kenisha wrote and produced a visual project entitled the Color Struck Mentality. This project highlighted the negative portrayal of black women in the media and its effects within the African American Community. Her high school Senior Exit Project generated an honest conversation among many students which later ignited a healing process for a wealth of black girls at her High School, Repertory High school for Theater Arts.   


Feeling inspired, Kenisha later took that vision into her college experience where she worked alongside her sorority members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated to help create, execute and lead workshops and panel discussions surrounding the betterment of the African American community while focusing on the future of black girls with programs like, Redefining the state of Black America, Complexion Obsession, and Emerging Young Leaders - a signature program of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. for middle school girls designed to encourage high scholastic achievement through Leadership Development.


Right out of college, Kenisha started working with inner city youth in Queens, New York as a Dance Teacher for the Police Athletic League. During her time there, Kenisha encouraged her students to pursue their dreams, build their self-confidence through creative arts and guide students to begin to put action behind their goals. Having these experiences gave Kenisha the courage to really make a big impact on a local level.


One evening while researching some of the top issues facing black women in America, Kenisha began thinking of ways to help solve some of those challenges which later cultivated, Black Girls Can Incorporated.  Kenisha believed the work to produce, write and create would always be for the betterment and progression of black girls. She believed this was her mission work from God.


By day, Kenisha works as a corporate strategic marketer and works tirelessly by night on Black Girls Can Inc. becoming a top of mind thought leader among black girls and women for educational, professional resources and entrepreneurship development and all things Black Girls' led.


We Can. We Will. We Do.

NY, New York 

Washington, D.C